Hi, I’m Aryanne. I was born in one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Brazil.
I’m 30 years old and home sweet home is Los Angeles. I’m a professional model, and have been traveling the world since I was 14. While going from one destination to another, for work, I realized what I loved about my career wasn’t 100% the modeling in itself, but the actual travel. I’m a curious being by nature. If you ask me where I want to visit next, my answer is everywhere I haven’t been. Travel is so important to me, it used to be the only time I felt 100% present. Wherever I go, I want to take it in as much as possible. To feel all the different feelings, to taste all the different flavors and to smell all the different scents. As I reach the next destination, my biggest goal is to live in the now, honoring myself and the lives around me. When someone ask me where I’m from, my brain doesn’t really process it as fast as it should. I’m a citizen of the world and while I love and respect the country I was born, it says very little about my true identity. I belong to all the places. I’m free-spirited and courageously stare truth in the face. For a long time, I did put my dreams and passion inside a box. A box that was on the top of a shelf, and I stared at it everyday, but wouldn’t open it. I wasn’t living my true calling. Everyday I would wake up and give 100% of me to others. It was slowly killing my joy, hurting my Soul. It was time to change. So I collected the broken pieces that were inside that box, put it together, and now that bird is free to fly again. I’m honoring myself all the step of the way. Listening carefully to what my Soul has to say. Valuing experiences; not things. It’s Boarding Time is a new life style, a dream come true. This is a place of love, and freedom. This is a space where we will talk about how travel can open a door inside your soul, that you had no idea it existed. We will talk about mindfulness, the importance of being present, aware of who you truly are, so you too can listen to what your true calling is. I look forward to learning more cultures, more languages, touch history, and lives. The biggest highlight of my life was when I did find out, at a very young age, that the more you travel, the richer you get. The more you practice mindfulness, the more fulfilled and happy you are. I have always felt that I had a bigger purpose in life, and that is, to inspire others to live their dreams. I found soul purpose in traveling, connecting, each destination teaches me so much about myself, that I want everyone to experience the same. So this space is yours to enjoy. As I live my dream, I will share a ton of adventures. I invite you on this journey with me, and hopefully I can inspire you to start living a life without boarders or limitations. Being real to yourself and others. Loving yourself and being present. I embrace life and everything that it has in store for me.

Life is short, buy the ticket!