Santhiya Resort: A Private Paradise in Thailand

First of all, I need to contain myself so this post isn’t 10 years long!
This place is beyond special and my heart smiles because so many beautiful moments happened here. Santhiya Resort is located in an island called Koh Yao Yai, in Thailand. Between Phuket and Krabi, this little paradise with sandy shores is the perfect place to stay If you are planing to visit Phuket, the Phi Phi islands, or to just love and enjoy yourself fully. Koh Yao Yai is a very special place, not only because of it’s enchanting views but also because of it’s people. The main religion in Thailand is buddhism but the majority of the people who live in Koh Yao Yai are muslim, and the tradition culture is very strong. They lead a simple life making a living out of fishing, building boats and farming. These people taught me so much about humbleness, love and kindness. I hope you have the chance to experience this place one day.

How to get there

The only way to get to the island is by boat and you have two options: If you don’t want to deal with booking everything on your own, you can make arrangements with the hotel. If you are flying into Phuket, you can book their package that includes shuttle van + speedboat for 1,250 baht/USD $37 (per person). It takes 30 minutes from airport to Ao Po Grand Marina pier, and 20 minutes from pier to the Hotel. The hotel has it’s own pier, so you arrive directly at the hotel. Second option, If you don’t care to do everything on your own, it might be slightly longer but much cheaper; you can get a taxi from the airport to the Bang Rong Pier (around 500 baht/USD $15), then from Bang Rong pier you get on a speedboat to Koh Yao Yai (around 120 baht/ USD$3 per person) and finally, once in Koh Yao Yai island, you can get a taxi or tuk-tuk to Santhiya Resort (prices may vary). Since it was our first time on Koh Yao Yai and we were traveling for nearly 30 hours between long flights and connections, we chose to have the hotel do it all for us and booked their package.

Once you get to the hotel, they greet you with a delicious lemongrass iced tea, and a complimentary 25min neck massage. When it’s 100oF outside; Iced tea + neck massage + paradise= heaven. Once the massage is done, they bring you the check-in papers to you. We arrived super early in the morning and our room wasn’t ready yet, but we were still able to take a shower and enjoy the hotel facilities.

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Where to eat

The hotel has 6 restaurants and they serve authentic Thai food, Western cuisine, authentic European, etc. There is also in-room dining and you can even book a romantic private dinner at the beach. We opted in for breakfast included rate and I’m so happy we did it. Their breakfast buffet is extensive and insanely good, no photos could do it justice. Also, you are in for a treat with the view. Breakfast is served at Saaitara restaurant, they also serve lunch and dinner. The food is very well made and so delicious, my favorite dish was the risotto. Peter loved the Thai food, and one day out of curiosity I ordered a hot dog, and it was amazing!


What to do

*Private Beach
Paddle boards and kayak rental is complimentary. You can also just relax on the lounge chairs, order food and even get a full body massage.


*Main pool and infinity pool

There are two amazing pools for all guests to enjoy; the main pool, which is huge and has a beautiful waterfall, and also the infinity pool with an amazing panoramic ocean view.


*SPA | Massages

The spa is divine, smells like heaven and it’s pristine clean. The ladies are so sweet and respectful. Once you get there, they give you tea and a cold towel to freshen up. The spa offers many packages; massages, body scrubs, baths, mani and pedi, facial etc. After your treatment, they offer you an amazing dessert. Massages can go from $50 to $200 depending on what you choose. For the packages price may vary.


*Other Features
They offer complimentary Yoga and Muay Thai classes everyday. You can also book cooking and dancing classes for a fee. You also get to enjoy the fitness center, beauty salon and their souvenir shop. I highly encourage you to get out of the resort and go exploring around. The souvenirs outside the resort are much cheaper, and you get to contribute to the locals!

When traveling to Thailand (or anywhere where the culture is different than yours), please be mindful, learn and be respectful. We experienced nothing but love from these people, and we truly left with our hearts full of gratitude. Special thanks to Aminta and Fern, these two beauties below that made our stay even more amazing!
“Kob kun ka” ladies, until next time!







  1. Marcie Lebron | 25th Sep 17

    Wow!! What a view! This place is beautiful, Aryanne!

    • aryannepadilha | 26th Sep 17

      Marcie! Yes! This place is pure magic! Thank you for stopping by! xoxo

  2. Yvonne | 25th Sep 17

    WOW!!! This looks like a heavenly sanctuary! I must go!! Thank you for sharing all the options when making accommodations.

    • aryannepadilha | 26th Sep 17

      You MUST go! Whenever you feel like exploring Thailand, I got your back! xoxo

  3. Amanda Fernandes | 26th Sep 17

    This is amazing! We lived in Bangkok together, I visited Thailand so many times and had no idea of this place!! Thanks giiiiiiiirl!!! Beijos

    • aryannepadilha | 26th Sep 17

      Yes!!!!! Amandita, you know what? I had no idea either, and for my 30th birthday I wanted to go to Thailand but somewhere more private and quiet. So glad I found this place. The energy and the people are everything!!! Miss you, hope you are doing great!!!! xoxo

  4. Selena Chang | 26th Sep 17

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I’m going to Thailand in November and this is making me so excited for my trip!

    When you went did you have to get any shots prior to your trip? I’m afraid of getting food poisoning!

    Great work!

    • aryannepadilha | 26th Sep 17

      “Sawasdee ka”, Selena! Thank you so much! I’m so excited for you! I didn’t take any shots, to be honest I wasn’t really thinking about that! But you will get a feeling of what to eat and what to avoid. I’m all about supporting the locals but am a little concerned about street food, so maybe just be a little more careful with that? I read an article about street food being banned in Bangkok by the end of this year cause not all vendors are regulated. Also, make sure you only drink bottled water, never tap 🙂 And have so much fun for me!!! xoxo

  5. Vanessa | 26th Sep 17

    I always wanted to visit Thailand, you wrote so beautifully that I almost could feel how it is to be there. The only bad thing is that now I REALLY want to go!

    • aryannepadilha | 26th Sep 17

      I feel you, haha! I always want to go back when I talk about this place! It’s truly amazing! I’m glad I inspired you even more to go explore this magic land! xoxo

  6. Renata Figueiredo | 26th Sep 17

    Oi, Aryanne! Parabéns, adorei o post! Já fui para a Tailândia 2 vezes mais depots desse post quero ir novamente!! Obrigada!

    • aryannepadilha | 26th Sep 17

      Obrigada pelo apoio, Renata! Dá vontade mesmo, até pra mim rsrs Quero voltar muitas vezes! Beijos!

  7. LadyInRead | 3rd Nov 17

    your photos are heavenly … if places can be droolworthy, then this is it.. 🙂 someday…

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      Yes, someday 🙂 Thank you my dear! I appreciate your support!

  8. Rose | 3rd Nov 17

    I know that I didn’t know I wanted to visit Thailand until I saw this beautiful place. I wasn’t even focused on the food as much as the amazing amenities. A soak in that tub outside and the infinity pool, yes please. The area looks amazing and I would love to explore it.

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      Rose, thank you! That’s awesome that this post made you want to visit Thai. It’s a magical place, If you have the opportunity, please go! You won’t regret! xo

  9. Jen Temcio | 3rd Nov 17

    There is not any greater word to describe this place other than paradise. The ornate details on everything from the furniture to the fruit is remarkable.

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      It truly is! Every time I’m going somewhere in the world I always think of going back haha xoxo

  10. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh | 3rd Nov 17

    Oh, I want to go there, right now! It’s beautiful. I live in a tropical location, and we’ve been deemed the worlds most beautiful beaches…um, apparently they haven’t seen those!

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      Oh, YES! But also Phi Phi Island (Maya Bay) is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and that’s also in Thai. Don’t you just want to leave everything behind and jump on a plane to this amazingness?! Xoxo

  11. Stacey | 3rd Nov 17

    You had me at comp tea and neck massage. This place is right out my dreams, it’s a perfect hideaway.

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      Haha comp tea + neck massage all day long please and thank you!! Thank you for stopping by! Xoxo

  12. Shannon | 3rd Nov 17

    You weren’t joking when you called the Santhiya Resort a paradise! It looks so amazing, like it’s where dreams are made of! I feel super relaxed just looking at the pictures. You’re travel tips are great, they will be super helpful to those who want to make Thailand their next vacation destination.

  13. Amber Myers | 3rd Nov 17

    Your photos are absolutely amazing. I would love to go to Thailand one day. That water is so blue.

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      Thank you so much, Amber! You should, it’s so beautiful. The water contrast with blues and greens are magical! Xoxo

  14. Brianne Patrice | 3rd Nov 17

    Girl! This looks absolutely gorgeous! And looks so peaceful! I will definitely have to add this to my list of places to visit.

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      VERY peaceful, It was very hard to leave! You will love it! Thank you for stopping by, Brianne! Xoxo

  15. Ophelia T | 3rd Nov 17

    This resort looks so amazing and beautiful. I hope I can visit it soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • aryannepadilha | 4th Nov 17

      I hope so too, Ophelia! Thank you for your support!! Xoxo

  16. Aditi | 4th Nov 17

    Woah!! I’m smitten by the beauty of this resort. When I head to Thailand, I will check it out. I particularly love the pool-side and private tub area. Cheers!!

  17. Emman Damian | 4th Nov 17

    The infinity pool looks amazing! I would like to go on this island soon! The food also looks nice.

  18. Anosa | 5th Nov 17

    wow a private island! amazing! the tub looks amazing and the view/ scenery is just everything!

  19. Aishwarya Shenolikar | 5th Nov 17

    I’ve never been to Thailand, but watching all the images sure makes me want to pack my bags!! I have a huge fondness for resorts with personal beach!

  20. Erinn Sluka | 5th Nov 17

    Thailand looks like a beautiful place. The water is so inviting. I would love to visit one day! Your pictures are gorgeous

  21. Angela Milnes | 5th Nov 17

    What a gorgeous resort! Always looking for amazing vacation ideas like this.

  22. Jen Walker | 5th Nov 17

    These views are breathtaking! I don’t know how you could leave something like that behind when the vacation is over!

  23. Kitty | 6th Nov 17

    Thats a lovely place to stay :D… That view is just perfect to wake up in the morning… I would love to visit one day 😀

  24. Alan Sheen | 28th Dec 17

    The resort looks gorgeous. You have taken some breathtaking photos… food looks yum! I would like to recommend using Bangkok Airways to make cheap flight reservations.

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