Social Media Consulting

As of now, over 3 billion people in the world are active internet users and over 2 billion people have active social media accounts. This number keeps growing and fast. Building a market plan on a digital world can be overwhelming and time consuming. Many companies find it very difficult to keep up with the social media engagement and to produce valuable content to meet their audience expectations and needs. We can help you establish a social presence using top social media tools to target your ideal audience.


Content Creation – Influencer Marketing 

From press trips, travel hosting videos, digital storytelling using limitless social media channels, to high quality photography; we can create a unique experience and share your story in many ways. If you are interested in collaborating creating original content to your destination or brand, please send us an email with your proposal to:


Who We’ve Worked With

Below are some of the partners we have worked with. Please note we only endorse products/services that we have used and resonate with us. If you are interested in sponsoring our trips or advertising your company, please know we are very selective and only work with serious brands that can benefit our readers.


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